Why choose alpaca fibre?

Alpaca fibre is warm, moisture repellent and hypoallergenic. It is also incredibly soft and silky to wear and comes in a wide variety of natural colours.

Our alpaca fleeces

We have both Huacaya and Suri alpacas in our herd. Each produces fibre with different characteristics. The Huacaya, like Sting, Dakota and Sky, have fibre that sticks out in crimped waves, whilst the Suri, like Fabian and Dumbledore have hanging fibre that looks a bit like dreadlocks when it grows long.

We sometimes have fleeces for sale after shearing in June. We also have lesser quality fibre from the neck and legs that is great for felting or bird nesting material.

Alpaca yarn

The best quality fibre, from around the main torso of the alpaca, is processed into yarn at the East Anglian Alpaca Mill near Norwich. We produce different weights of yarn in natural colours. Last year we produced DK yarn from some of our Huacaya and Suri boys. This season, as well as producing balls of DK from our Huacaya alpacas, we will experiment with finer 2 ply yarn for weaving from our Suri boys.

Handmade products

I have been experimenting with crochet for a few years now and make hats, gloves, scarves and toys. I am happy to take on commissions and can show you a range of products made from our alpaca yarn. We also make willow bird nesting material hangers for your garden.

Where can I come and see your yarn and products?

We sell our yarn and handmade products at Wyken Farmers’ Market from 9am until 1pm on every fourth Saturday of the month. At other times, you are very welcome to visit us at the farm or contact us on 01359 250594. Please give us a ring in advance to let us know that you are coming. We are very happy to introduce you to the alpacas whilst you are here.